DIY Photo Safari #10: NYC Photo Opportunity... or Not?

You may or may not be aware but there is an astronomical phenomena that happens twice a year every year in Manhattan. It's called Manhattanhenge? (aka Manhattan solstice)

Twice a year (during May and July) as the sun sets on Manhattan, it lines up perfectly with the streets of New York running east and west. During this time thousands of New Yorkers and tourists alike will dash into the middle of the streets of Manhattan to get a glimpse and a photograph! Although it's an interesting sight to see and if you happen to be around during these days I think you shouldn't miss it, I have to wonder about the prudence of standing into the middle of a NYC street during rush hour to take a picture. As much as I love photography and have gone to the far reaches of the planet to create a photograph, I have never thought risking my life for a photo to be a wise maneuver. I think certainly there are times when you should risk your life for a photo, but these are photos that document injustice and war crimes that will help save lives in the future. I think there are many more interesting and worthwhile things to photograph in New York than a sun setting between the buildings, but others may not share my opinion. Join us for a photo safari and we'll help you learn how you can create your own safe and beautiful photo.

The folks at the Museum of Natural History have put together this wonderful article describing Manhattanhenge: click here.

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