Camera Tip #31 - More Things to Consider Before Buying a Camera (P2)

NYC Photo Workshop Tips

Let's continue to explore the kinds of questions, you need to ask yourself as you decide the kind of camera that

is best for you.

When will I most likely be taking pictures?
Will you be taking photos often when you are out and about, only when you travel, or just in your garden. The more often you will be carrying your camera, the more you need to be concerned with weight - consider a smaller camera. If you plan to travel, safety and weight should be considered. A large camera can attract unwanted attention and cause a lot of back pain. If you are only shooting things in your backyard or things that you will drive to, weight and size will be less of a concern.

What kind of photography do I think I will be doing the most of?
If you will be photographing primarily landscapes or urban settings, you will need a camera with a wider angle lens; it would be best to have something with a lens that is 24mm or wider (based on a 35mm equivalent)
If you are photographing wildlife, you will need something with more than a 200mm lens (based on a 35mm equivalent)
If you are photographing small objects (such as flowers) and would like to get close, you need a camera or lens with macro capabilities - something that will allow you to get a one to one reproduction of a quarter. Please view the post on macro lenses.

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