NYC Photo Workshop Tips

As a prospective camera buyer, you need to consider some of your personal habits and limitations.

Do you have stability issues?
Some photographers have difficulty holding their camera still. Although the reasons are many, the results are the same - blurry photos. To address this issue you will need a mid size camera like a micro 4/3 or a bridge camera. Small point and shoot cameras don't offer enough to hold onto while larger cameras may be too heavy. Make sure that the camera you purchase is highly rated for its image stabilization.

Do you wear glasses?
For those who wear glasses it is difficult to use a camera that only has a view finder like a DSLR. A point and shoot or a micro 4/3 with a large screen would be better.

Do you take care of your things or do you tend to punish your equipment?
There are people who care for their things and those who don't. If you care for your things like a baby, any camera will be fine. If you are on the other extreme, you will need something more rigid. Manufacturers tend to make the point and shoot cameras the most rigid. Look for a waterproof and shock proof camera. Most manufacturers make some version of this, however they are not all created equal, so do your research. Micro 4/3 are probably the least durable in the group. Among DSLR cameras, they don't get very durable until you get to the professional level cameras, which are often built with titanium. At this level they are somewhat better at taking an impact, but they are also much heavier.