Camera Tip #42: Flash IS a Good Tool

flash photography workshop

There is a fundamental misunderstanding among photographers who lack experience, that flash is somehow bad. But among professionals, flash (aka strobe units) is usually the single biggest

financial investment a professional photographer will make during his/her career. If this is so, then why does flash photography have such a bad reputation among non commercial photographers? Recently there was a participant on the NYC After Dark Photo Safari who said that she had recently taken a photography class where the instructor declared, "flash is for fools!"

If this is the case then why do pros invest so heavily in flash? Why do manufacturers keep putting a flash unit in almost all of their cameras? Are they all just "fools"? Flash is an important tool in a photographer's arsenal. Consider the images below all of which were created via flash.

Proper use of flash photography
how flash photography works
learn flashphotography

If you are getting bad flash images, let us show you how to really use your flash. Join us for NYC After Dark and we will clear up your misconceptions in a flash!

Next week information on how to shop for a flash.

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