Camera Tip #48: Nifty Fifty - Revisited

NYC Photo Workshop Tips

One of the reasons why so many people buy a 50mm lens is its light gathering capabilities. 50mm lens are known to be able to gather 2-3 stops more light than the average consumer rated kit lens. Many people purchase these lenses in the hopes of being able to take photos of family gatherings and school concerts, only to find it's not doing the job. Sure it does gather more light and, to this end, it does exactly what it is supposed to do. But 50mm is a rather restrictive focal length. And for most family events (in a living room or dining room) it's not wide enough. Imagine the simple photo of a family of 4 around the dinner table. For school events like concerts and sporting events, it's not long enough. You would have to be in the front row, and even then you may not be close enough. So before you drop another $100 on equipment, do re-evaluate what a nifty fifty can or can't do for you.

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