Camera Tip: Over Under debate

Blog post #32 suggested that you should probably over expose rather than under expose your images as so many websites have suggested. This is a clear example of why those who advocate under exposing are WRONG! This is a clear example of why OVER EXPOSING your image is the RIGHT thing to do! Column 1 are the photographs as is with no manipulation. In column #2 both the over and under exposed images are corrected to look like the normal exposure. As you can see the under exposed image is more grainy looking while the over exposed image is much smoother. This is very clear in column #3 when a small portion of the image is enlarged. Please note that all images were photographed at ISO 100. The shutter speed remained constant while the change in exposure was achieved through aperture. If you would like to see a larger file of the image above simply click on the image.

Click here for larger image: Photo

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