Photo Tip: #54 Proper White Balance Matters in RAW Too!

Some will argue that if you are shooting in raw your white balance setting is unimportant because all of the information is recorded/captured and you can change it at will and, to an extent, this is true. We believe that it is important that you do set your white balance properly. The fact is that color is both subjective and emotional. So if you like the colors you are seeing now, but don't strive to reproduce it, then how will you remember it later?

Another reason to get your white balance right is that it affects your composition. Composition is not only reliant on the placement of physical objects in the frame, it's also how and where you place colors. Composing a color picture is vastly different than composing a black and white picture. When you are composing for black and white, your considerations are about shades of gray; but with color you have to consider COLOR. This changes the balance of your image significantly. The beauty of digital photography is that it helps us re-evaluate our composition on site. And when we do review our images on the LCD screen, we are reacting to the color that is displayed. This makes it extremely important to get as close to the color we believe we want to display while creating the photo. It also means that you will need to make fewer decisions later.