How to use your tripod--NYC Photo Safari

Even if you have properly set up your tripod as we explained in our previous post and correctly mounted your camera, you aren't quite done. We have one more important tip to help you extend the life of your equipment. When making an adjustment to your camera position, don't just twist the camera. Instead, release the appropriate knob or handle. If you only twist your camera, you are likely to loosen up the lock or strip the thread on your camera.

Photo tips for traveling

Traveling abroad can be a tremendous experience, but you should always plan ahead and be prepared for some of its challenges.

Keep your passport on you at all times. Even in the shower. Get your visa before you leave. And have extra passport photos.

Keep a few extra dollars on you and local money. Make sure you have small change for taxis and drinks.

Get your equipment registered with your home immigration office so you are not charged a duty for bringing in taxable goods. If asked by a third world immigration officer about the value of your equipment play dumb and tell them you bought it second hand. And that it's old.

Never check camera equipment in checked luggage. Including any charger and cords. They are as valuable as the equipment.

Personally, I like to carry 2 ATM cards and 2 credit cards and feel that American Express Platinum is the way to go.