Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the two Photo Safaris I have just completed. On Saturday I did the "iconic buildings of NY" and Sunday "Central Park". Zim was the tutor on both occasions.

She was fantastic! She was incredibly knowledgeable and readily imparted her knowledge in a way that was easy to understand and appropriate to the different cameras people had. She got us to look at taking pictures from a different perspective (composition as well as using the camera's functions) to achieve great results. She took time with everyone and provided useful critique for each of us to get the best out of a shot.

I gained a lot from the courses and it was great to meet other like minded people who also want to improve their pictures. We were at different levels of experience with different cameras, but it didn't matter.

Thank you again for a great experience and thank you very much Zim for your patience and knowledge.



I was on your safari recently in Central Park. It changed my life! At least from a photographic angle. :-D

It gave me a new view, focus, and perspective. Exposing me to new ways of seeing which were enough to make me stop and shutter.




Btw, I'm planning to take more classes this spring. I like your teaching style. It's one of the best ways to learn the art of photography without the art/photography degree.


(Jersey City, NJ) Madison Square Park & NYC After Dark

Hi there,

I took the Met class today and loved it. I'll do a Facebook tomorrow when I'm back in California. I just wanted to say that it was really helpful to me.


(Pataluma, CA) Museum Inside Out