9/11 Tribute Lights

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 ( 06:30pm - 11:00pm )
This event is fully booked

Join NYC Photo Safari on 9/11 for a special evening of photography. Once a year, every year (since 9/11/02), New York City commemorates the tragedy of 9/11 by shining 2 lights into the night sky to remember the victims of that tragic event. Join us this year as we photograph the Tribute Lights from both sides of the Manhattan shore. This photo tour will start in NJ with a photo of the Manhattan skyline as the Magic Hour lights up the city with warm light and the city lights come a glow; then continue into Manhattan for more photos of the city with the lights above. Your safari will finish in Brooklyn with the Tribute Lights behind the Brooklyn Bridge. This workshop will focus on composition skills at night as well as the issues related to taking pictures in low light conditions. Any digital camera with manual overrides will work; you MUST bring a tripod. This workshop is appropriate for all levels of photographic knowledge from beginners to advanced hobbyists. (limit 6 participants per safari)

meeting point: Jersey City, NJ
time: 4.5 Hours
fee: $225

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