Photo Tour Equipment Suggestions

To get the most out of your safari we suggest that all participants use a digital camera. This will allow your instructor to give you instant feedback as you shoot. It can be any digital camera including a smart phone. For those who have more than one lens we suggest the following.

Daytime Sessions: At a minimum bring your camera's kit lens. Cropped sensors=18-55mm; full frame sensors = 24-70 or 24-105mm lens. Most safaris will benefit from the use of an ultra wide angle lens and a longer zoom lens as well. 50mm or prime lenses are not particularly useful on these sessions. Shooting only a 35mm or 50mm prime means you will not get the most our of your safari. Only night sessions require the use of a tripod.

Night sessions: All night time photo tours require a tripod. Times Square @ Night - you'll need to bring a tripod and a flash - you may use your on camera's (built in flash) or an external speedlight. Central Park @ Night, Brooklyn Bridge @ Night and 3 1/2 Bridges tours do not require a flash.

Memory Cards - always carry at least 1 back up memory card, in case the one in your camera fails.

Batteries - always carry at least 1 back up battery

If you have questions or concerns please send us an email at [email protected]

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