Private Photo Safari

private photo tour

Are you visiting New York City for the first (or tenth) time and want to make sure you return home with some great pictures of New York City? private photo tourA Private Photo Safari is a good option. You choose the time and date (depending on availability) and together we can develop an itinerary that works best for you. The minimum is 2.5 hours (please see pricing below). Prior to filling out the form below please contact us to schedule a time, date and location.

time: 2.5 Hours
fee: $275/2 persons, $75 each additional person, maximum of 8 participants

time: 5.5 Hours (includes 30 minutes for lunch, cost of lunch not included)
fee: $475/2 persons, $125 each additional person, maximum of 8 participants

meeting point: Anywhere in Manhattan

Our suggestion for an all day Private Photo Safari? A “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Photo Tour! Join us for a 5.5 hour private photo safari which will cover 5 of the main NYC locations used in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Central Park, Tiffany’s, Park Avenue, Holly’s Apartment, and the New York Public Library. You’ll learn how to photograph the environment, people, and architecture; all the while visiting the exact locations where Holly and Paul stood. To schedule your safari or request more information please contact us at:

Please fill out form below after you have contacted regarding a specific time and location.
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