DIY Photo Safari #8: The Glass House (CT)

This photography workshop takes place inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Although there will be artwork to photograph, this safari is about the use of light. The amazing Metropolitan Museum of Art features many would-be outdoor spaces that are now encapsulated inside the building (the American Courtyard, the European Sculpture Court, etc.). These spaces are beautifully lit by huge skylights, offering a unique opportunity to photograph several diverse architectural elements all in one setting. These conditions also offer some photographic challenges such as shooting in mixed lighting conditions and so we will also address "white balance". Join us for this safari and learn about light. This session is wheelchair accessible. please visit: or call 1-718-268-9634

Yet another great excursion out of Manhattan for a weekend photo adventure. Visit the The Philip Johnson Glass House, a National Trust Historic Site. The 47 acre site is the location of

14 structures including Philip Johnson’s famous glass house. The site honors his legacy, as well as that of David Whitney. Modern architecture, landscape and sculpture is showcased with the picturesque backdrop of New Canaan, Connecticut making this the perfect day trip out of the city for enthusiasts of both architecture and landscape photography. Photography is allowed on all Glass House Tours with the exclusion of flash photography, tripods or video recording. It is convenient from the City on the Metro North New Haven line The site closes from November 30th to May 1st (and is closed every Tuesday) so plan ahead! Tickets are required.

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