NYC Photo Safari: Complete FAQ

Can I Rent a Camera?

Yes. NYC Photo Safari now offers camera rentals. Subject to availability, you may rent a Canon T6 (w/ 18-55 mm lens) $30 or Nikon D5300 (w/ 18-55mm lens) $30. Not all cameras are available for all sessions. Your camera will be brought to your photography class by your instructor. Camera Rentals will be for the duration of your Safari only. Your rental fee also includes a memory card which you may take with you upon completion of your safari. Photo Safaris.

What should I bring on my photo safari?

  • Your camera of course; digital camera is a MUST - be it point & shoot, D-SLR, or smartphone; you may also rent a camera from us.
  • Plenty of memory cards (formatted and ready to go); always carry a backup.
  • Extra batteries for your camera and flash (if you have one).
  • Your camera’s manual may be helpful.
  • Small pocket size note pad and pen.
  • Most importantly, bring your learning hats.

Suggested camera equipment click here

Who should attend a Photo Safari?

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced photographer, whether you have a simple point and shoot or a $5000 DSLR, if you want to improve your photography skills join us for a photo tour. Choose a workshop that best suits your interests: Photo Safari Offerings.

Guests and non participants?

Only paid registrants may attend Photo Safaris. Please do not register spouses, friends, children, etc. who are not interested in photography. These are photography workshops covering many technical aspects of photography. We keep our photo tour groups very small to make sure that everyone receives adequate attention.

What shouldn't I bring?

Bring only what you need. Unless otherwise stated DO NOT bring any extra equipment such as full size tripods, luggage or extra bags. Extra unnecessary equipment will make your Photo Safari experience less enjoyable!

Teens and Children?

Photo safaris are family friendly, however all participants under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult. We offer a $25 discount for minors registered with a fully paid adult (please call or email for a discount code). All minors participating in group sessions must be 13+ and accompanied by a paid adult. Children under the age of 13 may participate in a private session accompanied by a paid adult.

Are NYC Photo Safari guides licensed?

Our photo tour guides are working Professional photographers who are passionate about photography and teaching - rather than tour guides. Our goal is to help you take home great pictures of New York AND skills that last a lifetime! Although our photo workshops take place in historically significant locations and are a great way to experience Manhattan, they are photography work shops, not a substitute for a historical guided walking tour.

How do I register for a NYC Photo Safari tour?

To register for our photo tour go to the description page, simply choose the photo safari of interest, click on "Details/Register", and add the appropriate date to your cart. Please note all reservations must be made by midnight prior to the day of your photo workshop tour. If you are having trouble with your registration please contact us at [email protected] or call toll free: 1-888-799-6078

What about cancellations & rescheduling?

What about cancellations and rescheduling? Our workshops are kept very small (max. 8 participants) which means not only do we usually sell out but we often turn away customers. So if someone cancels at the last minute we lose money. This is a "summary" of our photo Safari cancellation and rescheduling policy and may be changed without notice at anytime (complete NYC Photo Safari Terms & Conditions apply):

If you need to cancel: You must cancel 48 hours or more prior to the start of your Photo Safari in writing or by phone (718-268-9634) to receive a full refund.Participant may cancel a Safari up to 48 hours prior to its commencement and receive a full refund or credit towards a future Safari. If Participant cancels 48-24 hours prior to the start of their Safari, Participant shall be offered a refund or credit, minus a 25% administrative fee of the price paid per participant. If Participant fails to cancel or reschedule 24 hours or more prior to the commencement of scheduled Safari, or does not attend said Safari, Participant is considered a “no show” and is not entitled to any refund or credit towards future safaris. If Participant is "no show", participant may reschedule by paying a 50% extension fee if Participant contacts NYCPS within 48 hours after the end of the scheduled photo tour. NYC Photo Safari is not responsible for cancellations due to Participant’s medical emergency, acts of God or traffic delays, etc. however exceptions may be made on a case by case basis at NYCPS’s discretion.

If you booked through a third party (e.g. Viator, Coursehorse, Expedia etc) you must contact the specific website for a refund.

If NYCPS cancels or reschedules: Although we make every effort to conduct our events as scheduled, sometimes it is necessary to reschedule or cancel a Safari. Any Safari canceled by NYCPS for any reason other than inclement weather shall be fully refunded to the Participant; NYCPS cancellations due to severe and unsafe weather conditions may be rescheduled by participant for any date available on the calendar. In the event of a cancellation or location change we will try our best to give you as much advance notice as possible.

If NYCPS changes the location: From time to time it may be necessary for us to change the location of a Safari due to severe weather forecasts or other unexpected city events (i.e. protests, transit strikes, street closures, etc.). Location change may include moving a Safari indoors or outdoors. We will try our best to give you as much advance notice as possible in the event of a Safari location change. No refunds will be made due to a location change; participants may reschedule per the rules stated above.

Manhattan Photo Boot Camp: Cancellation and rescheduling policies above do not apply to Manhattan Photo Boot Camp. Participants must notify NYCPS no less than 30 DAYS prior to the start of the workshop to receive a full refund. Click here to view full terms and conditions.

What about bad weather and other changes?

Safaris are rain or shine. As the weather is often unpredictable, our instructors have learned how to make the best of seemingly difficult situations. Photo Tour itineraries may be changed to adjust for inclement weather. Please keep your cell phones on so we may contact you in the event of a change.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate clothes including comfortable walking shoes for your photo tour. There will be lots of walking & standing on concrete so be sure not to wear heels or anything that might give you discomfort. Since most photo safaris are held outdoors please dress for the weather. (Summers in NYC are very hot, while winters are very cold; please check the forecast at

What kind of tripod do I need for night sessions?

For these photo tours you will need a full size tripod - NOT just a table top tripod (or Gorillapod) or a light stand - for this photography class. It would be best if your tripod is able to extend to about 5-7 feet. Although a studio tripod is not necessary, the sturdier and heavier the tripod the better. You may also rent a tripod from us during registration. It is also useful, but not essential to have a cable release or a infrared trigger. For information on how to choose a tripod please look at these blog postings:

Camera Tip #2: Pan tilt or Ball head?

Camera Tip #3: Leg Locks – Choosing a tripod

What can I expect on a Photo Safari?

All safaris are hands on shooting safaris, with the exception of Nuts & Bolts. Shooting safaris begin with a short discussion on composition and lighting; some safaris may include a discussion on technical issues specific to that particular safari based on location or other factors.. Participants are then given photography assignments. Just as in a workshop, the instructor will give feedback and direction on how to improve each participant's photographs.

All of our photo safaris are kept small to insure that everyone has a chance to get their questions answered.

What if I get lost?

Please plan to arrive about 10-15 minutes before the photo tour's scheduled start time. This will allow for any unforeseen NYC traffic/train delays, etc. Once you register, you will receive your instructor's mobile number. Please keep it handy. If you do get lost please call your instructor, who will point you in the right direction.

Are photo tours strenuous?

For shooting safaris you can anticipate walking anywhere from ½ to 3 miles depending on the photo tour. Most or all of the the walking will be on hard concrete (it is NYC!). Each Participant should be in good physical condition before attempting to participate in a photo tour. A few of our photo workshops are wheel chair accessible; look for this symbol:Photo Tour NYC . (please see NYC Photo Safari's Terms & Conditions)

Should I Buy a Canon or a Nikon?

Sorry, we're not gonna touch that one with a ten foot pole!

Rob = Nikon
Tony = Sony
Zim = Canon
Mark = Phase One
David = Canon
Bruce = Sony
Frank = Olympus

The choice is clear!!! ;)

How long is a Photo Safari?

Our Photo Tours last between 2 and 3 hours depending on the safari you choose. If you would like to schedule a private session is it is possible to schedule a half or all day session.

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