Camera Tips #8: Emergency Battery Power

How often have you been out and about shooting and suddenly you see the dreaded low battery sign blinking at you? AND you realize that you forgot to buy that spare battery (like you should have in Camera Tip #7)?  If you

Camera Tips #7: A Possible Cure for Sudden Battery Death

Do you live in cold weather climates like the New York City? or are you one of those people who like to go snow shoeing in sub zero weather with your camera equipment? If you are, then you might have experienced sudden "battery death". This is where you are taking pictures those great pictures of the blizzard and suddenly nothing. No blinking lights nothing. Although there may be other issues involved the first thing you should consider is your battery. Although today's Lithium Ion batteries are great at handling all kinds of weather conditions there is a limit to what they can do and as they age they just don't hold up as well as when they are fresh.

If you have experienced sudden battery death, try taking your battery out and putting it in your front pocket for a while to warm it up. You may be able to get a few more frames out of it.


**Please note if this doesn't work and recharging it doesn't work either, you have a dead battery. Batteries die time and use. Hope for a quick death!

Camera Tip #5: Try a Monopod

What’s a monopod you say? It’s also known as a unipod. Ok, that didn’t help :P . Ok imagine a tripod with only one leg. That’s a monopod. So what’s the point? the point of a monopod is simple, it offers you a little more

Camera Tip #4: Cheap Gadgets Are Cheap

Often times I am asked questions about buying camera gadgets. As someone who is constantly looking for ways of reducing her load I rarely if ever recommend these items. Things like, star filters, Cokin filters, or even a fish

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