Camera Tip #1: Set your lcd to factory default

Many people seem to think they have either an over or under exposure problem when in fact their cameras are working perfectly. So what’s the problem? 

It would seem that most of the time, it’s because they have their camera’s lcd screens set either too dark or too light. Perhaps the best place to set your camera’s lcd screen is to the “Factory Default”. This generally puts your brightness right in the middle and should be rather close to what you are actually getting. Having said all of this you should be aware that all lcd screens degrade over time, making it necessary to over ride the manufacturer’s default. (The word “all” refers not only to your camera’s lcd screen but ALL lcd screens, and crt screens as well)

So how will you know you have a problem? You really don’t. Unless you have calibrated monitor attached to your computer you really won’t know how far off your exposure is unless it is off the charts and your friends on facebook start complaining. The only other way to really know, is if you take your images to a CVS or Walmart to be printed and find that even if you allow their system to make auto corrections and it just doesn’t work, that’s about the only real way to know if your exposure is wayyy off. Having said this, there is a lot of latitude for mistakes in digital photography, so unless your images are wayy wayyyy way off, you probably have very little to worry about.

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