Camera Tips #8: Emergency Battery Power

How often have you been out and about shooting and suddenly you see the dreaded low battery sign blinking at you? AND you realize that you forgot to buy that spare battery (like you should have in Camera Tip #7)?  If you

are running on fumes, the first thing you should do is to go through your menu (quickly of course) and do three things 1. turn OFF the automatic sensor cleaner, so that it won't activate when turning your camera on and off and 2. turn off the automatic picture review (or at least turn it down to just a 2 second review time) and 3. turn off your images stabilization. You might also want to turn off auto focus and use manual focus if you can.


If you've run out of batteries the first thing you should do is pay attention to Cheap Trick #2 - clean off the contacts. Sometimes the simple act of taking your battery in and out of your camera might also bring it back to life. GOOD LUCK!

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