2 Battery Saving Tricks in Cold Weather

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Are you about to visit a cold place with your camera? Or do you like just like being outdoors in sub zero weather with your camera? If you fall into either of these categories then you might have experienced sudden "battery death". This is where your battery just dies suddenly while you are taking that amazing photo of the blizzard and suddenly nothing. No blinking lights, no beeps, just nothing. Although there may be other issues involved the first thing you should consider is your battery. Although today's Lithium Ion batteries are great at handling all kinds of weather conditions there is still a limit to what they can handle. The age of the battery will also affect how well they hold up in severe temperatures.

If you have experienced sudden battery death, try taking your battery out and putting it in your front pants pocket or in the inside pocket of your jacket. Leave it there for a while to let it warm it up. You may be able to get a few more frames out of it before it is completely dead.

Another trick is to always carry a spare batter in one of those pockets. This means that you will always have a warm battery ready to go. You can alternate the battery from camera to pocket as it fades due to the cold. But do remember, if you are going to be doing a lot of shooting in the cold be sure to carry more than one back up as the life of the battery will be severely shortened by the cold 


**Please note if this doesn't work and recharging it doesn't work either, you have a dead battery. Batteries die with time and use. Hope for a quick death!

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