Cheap Trick: Emergency Polarizing Filter

NYC Photo Safari Photo Tips - Emergency Polarizing Filter

If you find yourself shooting into the sun and you need to reduce your exposure but can't, try using your sunglasses. Yup! Justput your sunglasses in front of your lens. This will reduce the amount of light by approximately 2-3 stops.

There are a few things to note about this tip though. This may not work particularly well with anything more than a point and shoot camera. The larger the lens the more likely you will see distortion in the image. By size of the lens we're not referring to the focal length but the actual physical size of the lens itself. You may also note that the image will take on the shade/color of the glass of your sunglasses. So if you wear pink shades it may not be so desirable (or maybe it is). Also, the larger your sunglasses the better off you'll be. Why? Because it means that you will be able to find a somewhat flat area to shoot through.

Lastly, what about distortion? Yes, there will be distortion. Depending on your shades, you may or may not get great results.

Cheap Tricks: 5.11 Drop Pouch

What's a 5.11 Drop Pouch? It's a little pouch you can attach to your camera bag to carry the extra things you need every now and then, like a water bottle. The reason we are recommend this particular bag is because it is built to fold up when not in use and the attachments to your belt or bag is pretty strong. There is also a velcro flap and draw string at the top so you can close the top.

Cheap Tricks: Police Flashlight Holder

If you like to carry a monopod but don't know what to do with it when it's not in use, try adding a flashlight holder to your bag. A D cell battery flashlight belt holster is the perfect holder for your monopod. You can either attach it to your belt or your bag, depending on the configuration of your bag.

Now that's a cheap trick!!

Cheap Tricks #31: Put a Sharpie in Your Camera Bag.

NYC Photo Safari Photo Tips - Sharpie for your camera bag

Consider carrying a sharpie in your camera bag. No, not just any marker but a Sharpie or any marker that will write on a glossy surface. Why? Because you never know when you might need to write on a memory card or something similar. You may occasionally find yourself needing to make a sign for your picture as well.

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