Cheap Tricks #11: Tripod Shoulder Strap

Why don’t tripods come with shoulder/carrying straps? Perhaps it’s because manufacturers would like to sell you that 50 cent strap for $25. Luckily many camera backpacks and bags are now adding a 50 cent attachment strap

to their unit that will allow you to strap your tripod/monopod to your bag. But what if your tripod is a little too big for that or you just want to carry it on it’s own? Why not use a shoulder strap from an old duffle bag? If you go to conferences you will find that often conferences give away book bags with with detachable shoulder straps. These are perfect! Or you can go to amazon to get a cheap shoulder strap (see below).

To attach your strip simply clip one side to the strap to the ring that is often already available at the top of the tripod. If no ring is available attach a small key ring with a zip tie to the center column and attach to that.

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Then with another zip tie attach another key ring in between the first two legs and attach the other end of your strap to that. This will allow you to extend and collapse your tripod without having to detach the strap at all. Unlike several of the straps “made for” tripods that require you to undo the strap before using your tripod!

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vvvoila! you have a cheap shoulder strap! and you help the environment by recycling these found parts too!

If you don’t have a strap, consider a cheap one like this:

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