Photo Tip #17: Silence the Photo Police (Pt. 10): You! As The Photo Police

For the past several weeks I have been talking about the photography status quo. Although many of these rules start from external sources they eventually work their way into our psyche, and we become our own worst photo police. So for the last installment of this series I want to talk about challenging our own photo demons. Too often we create our own creative boxes and it's difficult to recognize that. So how do you know if you are living inside a box? And how do you get out?

Although I can't say it's easy, I can say it's not that hard either. Here are my suggestions. Begin with the assumption that you are already in a box. Then look for inspiration all around you. Simply be inspired. One of the best ways to learn how to create better images is to be inspired by everything around you. Find inspiration in what nature delivers to your front door everyday. Be inspired by the accomplishments of your fellow humans. It can be art in every form, from paintings to sculpture, to design to film and even photography. But don't limit it to creations of art. What about scientific accomplishments. The greatest scientific accomplishments come from the most creative out of the box thinking. What about diplomatic accomplishments? Real conflict resolution comes from extremely creative thinking. Consider what these people had to do to think outside the box and to find their way to inspiration. Then try to do the same.

So look for inspiration and be inspired. Then translate it into your photography. And ENJOY your shooting experiences!

Photo Tip #14: Silence the Photo Police (Pt. 7): Never Shoot in B/W!

Although you may have the option to shoot in b/w mode you may want to consider not using this option. Why? You might ask? Because once you throw away the color information it's not coming back. This will color information is extraordinarily useful when you are processing your image into b/w. Having said this there are times when you can't wait to post your images online for a blog or onto Facebook and you would really like it to be b/w this is perhaps a good time to be shooting in b/w mode.

(Please note that if you are shooting in RAW your color information is still available)
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