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Photo Tip #4: Take More Photos!

Take more photos and more photo safaris too (with NYC Photo Safari while you are at it)! (that's a joke, but only sort of). With the advent of digital photography, our willingness to click the button has

certainly increased, after all, you no longer have to pay for every bad click, you can just delete. Although you should never shoot indiscriminately, you shouldn't be taking fewer pictures either. By this we mean that you should free yourself up to experiment. The only way to improve your photography is to be willing to think outside the box and to try different things. Which means you have to take more pictures. If you never try you will never know if you can! Take your time, compose your photograph. Try to visualize what you want before you put the camera up to your eye and then shoot away. Photograph around the subject, don't just take one picture and stop. Try different angles and then study them later. Over time you will take fewer pictures because you will know what works and doesn't work sooner but until you do the leg work you will never know. Practice makes perfect.

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