Photo Tip #28: Five More Great Photo Tips to Avoid (III)

Installment #3 of our Photo Tips to Avoid series.

1. The more gear you carry around, the less you will enjoy your photography. So in other words, all professional photographers hate their jobs? It certainly is hard work to carry a lot of camera equipment around, but to say that it makes everyone miserable is quite a stretch. Although great photography has nothing to do with the equipment, it does not mean that more equipment is necessarily bad. More equipment is not necessarily good either.

2. Never delete any of your photos. Why not? Although on Photo Safari we do not encourage photographers to delete their photos until they are able to review it on a big screen, and we would certainly agree that we should all probably delete less, we thoroughly disagree with the word NEVER. Never is a very long time. There really is no need to keep photos of the inside of your bag.

3. Noisy photos are better than blurry ones. What if you were photographing something moving and want to show the motion through blur? A sharp noisy photo certainly wouldn't do it.

4. Never shoot into the sun. For more than 30 years there has been a common myth that shooting into the sun might damage your metering system. Now the myth has shifted to damaging your sensor. There is no evidence of this. If you point your camera at the sun for a long time this may be true, but to take some photos here and there is just not enough to damage your equipment. There are many other reasons you may want to avoid shooting into the sun, but this should not be one of those reasons.

5. Take fewer pictures, after all you don't want to spend all your time editing? Although we do not believe that you should be shooting indiscriminately, there's little reason why you should shoot fewer frames. Why risk not getting that shot?

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