Photo Tip #37 - Beyond Photo Albums and Streams

Until recently, the only way to display your photos was to have them printed and put into a photo album or on your wall. With digital media, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Now the digital picture frame allows us to display literally hundreds of pictures as a slide show on our walls, our desk, or even our keychains. And when you are ready, you can change the selection. As many people now find themselves on their computer at least once a day, you can even choose your images to display on your computer's desktop or screen saver.

If you prefer a non digital format, it's now possible to have your favorite pictures printed on almost any media, t-shirts, a mouse pad, a mug, plates, hats. If you prefer something more traditional it is possible to have your pictures printed as a calendar, as a canvas print, as a book, or even just a regular print.

Whatever media you choose to display your photos, our suggestion is that you display your photos. The fun part of photography is sharing the picture you take.

Heck, share them on Facebook!

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