Photo Tip #53: Getting Your Significant Other to See the Picture

Serious photographers often complain about their significant others who are not interested in waiting around while they take a photo. On the other hand, trailing spouses often complain that the photographer is taking way too long. Traveling as a photographically mismatched couple can be difficult.

Our advice? Get them interested. First, do a photography workshop together. No, not a 10 week class, but rather something like what we do. A short 2.5 hour photo safari. Or do a portrait class where you learn to photograph each other. Think of it as a team building exercise. If you are a competitive couple, then perhaps consider a wager on who gets the best photo after an outing. Let your Facebook friends decide. And make sure there is a prize. You can also plan your photography around things your spouse is interested in. Let's say he/she loves to go hiking. In that case, get out on the trail a little bit earlier so you can do a sunrise shot while they just sit and relax and watch the sun rise. If your spouse likes the museum, perhaps it's a good time to be doing some architectural photography.

What shouldn't you do? Don't insist that they must use big equipment. An iPhone is enough. If you do end up sharing equipment, never share a body, but share lenses; it will lesson the load. However, each of you should have your own walk around lens. Don't buy equipment they did not ask for or did not want. That's just asking for trouble. Wait until you hear them say "I wish I had a bigger/better camera" and that's when you know that you have converted them.

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