First, thank you very much on the Met Photo Safari tour on 12/02...excellent on you taking your time with both our skill levels and integrating them into a 'team' -and the patience to making the safari a true excellent experience. Bravo as a teacher and as a world traveler, passing on those jewels ...

Bob & John

(Providence, RI) Custom Photo Safari

Thank you for a very good learning session. It was a lot of fun just walking around and talking, and I felt that my photography was greatly improved. I have tried to put all your learning to use after I got home, and I have a much better understanding of the compositional elements of a picture now.

You can see some of the photos we took during the photowalk at

Thomas H


Custom Photo Safari

Take more photos and more photo safaris too (with NYC Photo Safari while you are at it)! (that's a joke, but only sort of). With the advent of digital photography, our willingness to click the button has

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