Don’t own a hood for your lens? Use your hand! Hold your camera with the shooting hand and use the other to cast a shadow over your lens to prevent sun glare/flare. That’s cheap!

*** What’s a hood? a lens hood is a hard plastic or soft rubber attachment that attaches to the front of your lens to cast a shadow on the lens so that you don’t get any glare from the sun!

...My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.  It was exciting to be in the presence of someone who is so passionate and knowledgeable about the their chosen field.  I have had many instructors, teachers and mentors and this was the most exciting lecture I have attended.  I am sorry that we had such very little knowledge of the subject of photography.  But Zim, you have made at least two people understand and respect the subject and appreciate the value of such a talented artist.

Thank You,
Joyce and Charlie

(New York, NY)  Intermediate Nuts & Bolts