From Margaret S

Just a quick note to thank you for yesterday’s fun safari. 
I learned a lot, and can’t wait to get out there and practicing over Thanksgiving.

All the best,

(Westchester, NY - via email)

Cheap Trick #4: Tape Your Filter!

If you don’t own a filter (UV or similar) on your very expensive DSLR lens then you should think about going out and buying one. Make sure that you get a good one, because there’s nothing worse than downgrading your lens by

Cheap Trick #3: Camera Rain Coat

Next time you are in a hotel take the shower cap and put it in your camera bag. Yes a shower cap. Why? it makes for a great make shift camera rain coat. For those times when you get caught in the rain unexpectedly this shower cap will come in handy. Now that’s cheap!
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