Next time you are in a hotel take the shower cap and put it in your camera bag. Yes a shower cap. Why? it makes for a great make shift camera rain coat. For those times when you get caught in the rain unexpectedly this shower cap will come in handy. Now that’s cheap!

Ever run out of batteries at the worst time conceivable? If you can’t get to more juice, try removing the batter from the camera and cleaning the contacts with your fingers. Better yet, use a pencil eraser! If that doesn’t work use the pencil eraser on the contacts in the camera! This will often get you a little bit more juice!

Don’t own a hood for your lens? Use your hand! Hold your camera with the shooting hand and use the other to cast a shadow over your lens to prevent sun glare/flare. That’s cheap!

*** What’s a hood? a lens hood is a hard plastic or soft rubber attachment that attaches to the front of your lens to cast a shadow on the lens so that you don’t get any glare from the sun!