Photo tips for traveling

Traveling abroad can be a tremendous experience, but you should always plan ahead and be prepared for some of its challenges.

Keep your passport on you at all times. Even in the shower. Get your visa before you leave. And have extra passport photos.

Keep a few extra dollars on you and local money. Make sure you have small change for taxis and drinks.

Get your equipment registered with your home immigration office so you are not charged a duty for bringing in taxable goods. If asked by a third world immigration officer about the value of your equipment play dumb and tell them you bought it second hand. And that it's old.

Never check camera equipment in checked luggage. Including any charger and cords. They are as valuable as the equipment.

Personally, I like to carry 2 ATM cards and 2 credit cards and feel that American Express Platinum is the way to go.

nyc travel photography tips

We love photography, but we admit that it can be hazardous when your focus is on the picture.

In a crowd leave one hand on your camera at all times and bring it to the front. But it should be there anyway because you should be shooting.

Be aware of your surroundings when shooting in a populated place. This is a most vulnerable time because you are only thinking about the photo. It's how photographers fall into swimming pools, off a cliff, or even walk into traffic. Have someone walking behind you or have them hold onto your belt.

nyc travel photography tips

More travel tips for photographers to help ensure your vacation memories are intact and photographed.

1 Charge your batteries every night.

2. Carry extra batteries.

3 Clean and check your equipment 4 weeks prior to leaving. If anything goes wrong you'll have time to get it fixed.

4. If necessary, have your sensor cleaned by a professional.

5. Carry extra memory cards.