nyc travel photography tips

We love photography, but we admit that it can be hazardous when your focus is on the picture.

In a crowd leave one hand on your camera at all times and bring it to the front. But it should be there anyway because you should be shooting.

Be aware of your surroundings when shooting in a populated place. This is a most vulnerable time because you are only thinking about the photo. It's how photographers fall into swimming pools, off a cliff, or even walk into traffic. Have someone walking behind you or have them hold onto your belt.

nyc travel photography tips

More travel tips for photographers to help ensure your vacation memories are intact and photographed.

1 Charge your batteries every night.

2. Carry extra batteries.

3 Clean and check your equipment 4 weeks prior to leaving. If anything goes wrong you'll have time to get it fixed.

4. If necessary, have your sensor cleaned by a professional.

5. Carry extra memory cards.

nyc travel photography tips

Whether you are traveling to new York City or away from new York City, if you are carrying expensive camera equipment, security should be a topic of concern. No matter where you go in the world, there is always a chance for crime. So here are 5 tips for keeping your equipment safe

1. Use a less obvious bag. Let's face it everyone knows what a camera bag looks like. Don't add extra patches on your bag that identify the fact that you have camera equipment.

2. Don't advertise. Use a generic camera strap. No need to tell thieves the exact value of your equipment.

3. Leave things you don't need in the hotel room - chargers etc.

4. Backup every night.

5. Put the hard drive in the safe.