Camera Tip #5: Try a Monopod

What’s a monopod you say? It’s also known as a unipod. Ok, that didn’t help :P . Ok imagine a tripod with only one leg. That’s a monopod. So what’s the point? the point of a monopod is simple, it offers you a little more

stability when mobility is also important, but being rock solid stable isn’t. It also gives you a little bit of muscular relief if you are shooting for extended periods of time or if you are shooting with big equipment; having the monopod allows you to rest a bit in between shots. For instance if you are shooting in a location where there is a lot going on and you are waiting for some cars or pedestrians to pass before you take the shot you have two choices, either you put your camera down and wait and then pick it back up or you hold it up for the duration. With a monopod, you can hold it up for the duration without a lot of strain while you wait for that perfect shot. And when you aren’t shooting at all you can let the whole system lean on you instead of hang from your neck, also helping to reduce the load over the course of a long day of shooting.

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