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10 Undisputable Photography Tips

NYC Photo Safari Tips

There many photography blog out there with tons of photo tips, many are great and many are wrong. Here are 10 photo tips that are absolutely indisputable.

1. Always keep your camera equipment dry (unless it's water proof). This is true.

2. Never get sand in your equipment. True. NEVER EVER do this.

3. Never drop your equipment. Yup. As often as possible avoid high gravity spots.

4. Cheap filters are bad. Unless you are looking for a blurry affect, the cheaper the filter the more likely it is to be very bad.

5. Always back up your photos - ALWAYS! Data loss is a real thing. Make sure you have a backup and preferably in a different location than the main copy.

6. Always carry an extra battery. Batteries go bad, having a spare means you'll be able to keep working. Although this is impossible if you are doing underwater work.

7. Always carry an extra memory card. Memory cards also go bad. It takes very little effort to carry one extra card.

8. A large aperture opening always gives you more light than a smaller one.

10. Faster shutter speeds always gives you less light than a slower shutter speed.


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