Photo Tip #23: Does the Sun Set on Manhattan? No!

... And it does not rise either. Unless you are near the water in Manhattan you will not see a sunrise or sunset in Manhattan. Why? Because there are too many buildings casting shadows; as a result there is no true sunrise or sunset in most parts of NYC. However, there are two days out of the year where you will actually see a sunset in most parts of the city. It's called Manhattenhenge (for more information click here: Mahattanhenge). As for the rest of the year, depending on the season and atmospheric conditions you may still benefit from the amazing colors that happen during magic and golden hour, but just no sunset. If you would like to see a sunset your best bet is to be on the far west side of the city or on the west side of certain parts of Brooklyn.

Click here for the sunrise and sunset times for New York City (NYC).