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What is spotting?

In the days of prints from film, very often there was dust on the film which left white spots on your print. To get rid of these white spots you had to take a small paint brush dipped with special ink and brushed them out of the print by hand. This was called Spotting.

Photo Prime Lens

What is a prime lens?

In the old days (you know last year), before digital, lenses that you could not zoom were referred to ask "fixed focal length lenses". A 50mm lens for instance is a fixed focal length lens. Sometime with in the last ten years or so the common vernacular has been to refer to these lenses as "Prime Lenses" perhaps be cause it's shorter? or perhaps because it just sounds sexier. But in the end they are the same. Our friends at Nikon are using the term "Single-Focal Length". Same thing.

What is a Speedlight - Photo Workshops

What is a speedlight vs a flash?

A speedlight (aka speedlite) is a small external flash unit meant to attach to a small camera like a DSLR. You would not refer to a studio flash/strobe system as a speedlight.

Photography terminology

What is a strobe?

The word strobe and flash is used interchangeably among professional photographers. Just that simple, a strobe unit is a flash unit. We say "use a strobe" which means "use a flash". Or "strobe it" which means "add flash to it". Easy