Vocab Quiz #4 - DSLR

Photography terminology

Ever wonder what the "SLR" in "DSLR" stands for?

Before digital you had what was called a 35mm camera, they came as point and shoot cameras or SLR's. The 35mm indicated what size the film you had to use. So you had cameras that were capable of using the same film with a different body. We all know what a point and shoot is and most of us know what an SLR looks like too. But what does SLR mean? SLR stands for "Single Lens Reflex". As the image entered through your lens it comes in upside down, but it is then bounced off of a mirror that reflected upward through a glass prism and delivered the image right side up to your eyes. And this is why it's called a single lens reflex. The D was added when film went away and became Digital!