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Appreciating What We Don't

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Often people say that they only shoot one thing, like people or landscapes. When they are photographing the other they say, “Oh I don’t know anything about this. I normally shoot something else.“ The worst is when they limit their photography to shooting just one thing, saying that they don’t like the others.

Although it’s great to know what it is you like or don’t like in life; it’s not so great if you dismiss it before ever really trying it out. The rule many parents like to instill in their kids when trying new foods is that they must take at least two bites. They have to give it a chance before dismissing it altogether. Because if you don’t give it a chance how will you really know if you like it or not? Dismissing something without experiencing it means that you may be missing something truly wonderful in life. By trying new things we grow as people and as humans and can have a fuller life. Like they say, variety is the spice of life.

The same is true in photography, but there’s another reason photographers should reach out beyond their comfort zone and that is knowledge and growth in your art. When you look at unfamiliar things searching for something beautiful to photograph, you will not only find a whole new world but you will also find that it strengthens your core skills. If you are someone who loves macro photography, then it’s time to do some landscapes; you’ll notice texture and lighting differently. If you like photographing people, then photograph buildings; you’ll get a better sense of lines. And the list goes on. By taking the time to learn or simply try a different type of photography you enhance your understanding of photography altogether. And you will actually enhance the way you photograph the subject you loved to begin with!

The most wonderful thing about photography is that it makes you pay more careful attention to the world around you, which means a better appreciation of it too.

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