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Times Square @ Night

Friday, October 17, 2025 ( 06:30pm - 08:30pm )
Registrations are now closed

Night photography workshop in NYC

This safari takes place mostly at Times Square; you will better understand issues related to taking pictures in low light conditions (ie. night photography). You will learn how flash and long exposure works and how to use a combination of both long exposure and flash to create an image. You will also learn how to take great pictures WITHOUT using a flash. Although a DSLR is preferred, you may use any digital camera with manual overrides; you MUST bring a tripod. This Photo Safari is best suited for those who have a good understanding of f/stop, shutter speed and ISO relationships. It is strongly recommended that you take Nuts & Bolts offered prior to NYC After Dark as it covers this material. (limit 6 participants per safari).

meeting point: Bryant Park (please check your confirmation email)
time: 2 Hours
fee: $150

Times Square Night Photo Tour - NYC Photo Safari