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Brooklyn Bridge @ Night

Sunday, September 21, 2025 ( 08:30pm - 10:30pm )
Please fill out the form below. Please note that for your security, we have separated our reservation and payment system. You may have to enter some of your personal information twice.

This safari takes place at the Brooklyn Bridge; you will better understand issues related to taking pictures in low light conditions (ie. night photography). You will learn long exposure works and how white balance affects your image. You will learn how to take great pictures WITHOUT using a flash. Although a DSLR is preferred, you may use any digital camera with manual overrides; you MUST bring a tripod. This Photo Safari is best suited for all photographic knowledge. (limit 8 participants per photo tour).

meeting point: Brooklyn (please check your confirmation email)
time: 2 Hours
fee: $150

Brooklyn Bridge Photo Tour - NYC Photo Safari