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Rai Rai Ken - Ramen

Rai Rai Ken (Japanese Ramen)

This week's not for tourist food recommendation? Ramen - a Japanese noodle soup. It's cold out and there's no better time than to have a big bowl of soup. Why not try some RAMEN! One of the oldest and best traditional Ramen shops in Manhattan is Rai Rai Ken. Located in the east village Rai Rai Ken has now expanded it's menu to include sushi, but it is known for it's Ramen. And when you do try the Ramen, be sure to slurp LOUDLY, it's a tradition!

218 E 10th St, New York, NY 10003 /

Info provided by NYC Photo Safari


Brooklyn Bridge: @10:00am
Iconic NY (P2): @4:30pm

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