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Three & a Half Bridges

Monday, July 08, 2024 ( 07:45pm - 11:15pm )
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Join the NYC Photo Safari “3 1/2 Bridges Photo Tour”. Your tour will start in Queens at the Queensboro Bridge, then head to Brooklyn to the Williamsburg Bridge. From there enjoy a 15 minute ride on the East River Ferry to Manhattan. Along the way you'll have the opportunity to photograph the Manhattan skyline, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Brooklyn Bridge from the water. After landing in Manhattan you'll finish your safari by photographing the Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side. During this photography workshop you will learn how to manage long exposures and color as it relates to night photography, with plenty of opportunities to do trailing lights. You will also learn how to take great pictures WITHOUT using a flash. Although a DSLR is preferred, you may use any digital camera with manual overrides; you MUST bring a tripod. (limit 4 participants per safari).

meeting point: Queensbridge Park (please check your confirmation email)
time: 3.5 Hours
fee: $250