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Landscape Photographers Need This

If you are a lanscape photographer and you have not discovered the joys of trekking poles, then you're missing out. When used properly trekking poles like

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When to Buy a Fisheye Lens

To fisheye or not to fisheye? After purchasing 2 or 3 lenses, amateur photographers will eventually ask

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How Achieve Critical Focus

What are the best ways to achieve critical focus. There are those who will argue that the best way to achieve critical focus is

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What to do With Luggage?

You’ve finally made it. You’re in New York! But you only have a few hours or just a day and you need to enjoy every minute of your visit. Don’t...

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Vocab Quiz

Can you answer these photography quiz?

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Manual Mode Can Really SUCK!

Auto has always and continues to receive a lot of bad press but it's high time Manual got the same treatment.

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2 Ways To Keep Your Lenses Condensation Free

There are those who recommend that you must only operate your camera in comfortable climates. In other words if you

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The Best Back Up Strategy

Yup, it's definitely time to talk about backups. Now that everyone is stuck in doors for a while, perhaps it’s a good time to get

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Why Infinity Focus isn't Infinity Focus

Where is infinity on the barrel of your lens focus ring? If you look at the little window

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WTF? Don't Use Flash Indoors?

One of the worst photo tips floating around the internet is regarding the use of flash.

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3 Reasons Tripods Fail

So you finally splurged and bought yourself a really nice $200 tripod. But your pictures are still not as sharp as you hoped. Here are the three main reasons why...

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