ALWAYS? Always and never are a really long time. The question begs "why?" What's wrong with shooting in jpg? The format is there for a reason isn't it? What if you are shooting with your smartphone and can't shoot in RAW? Does it mean that you shouldn't shoot at all? What if you are a blogger and just want to be able to quickly get your images onto your website? You should shoot in the format that makes the most sense for you.

And for those of you wondering what RAW is and why you would use it, watch for the upcoming series of posts all about the RAW format.

Most people who really want to get into photography eventually feel the need to learn their f/stops and shutter speeds. And although we do advocate this, we believe that the best photo is not necessarily the one with the best histogram, but the one which communicates best. This is often achieved through good composition.

Always ask yourself does the image communicate? What does it communicate? Is it beautiful to look at? And if it is beautiful and something that you want to look at and admire, does it matter what camera and what f/stop the photographer used? Because even if you had this information, it doesn't mean that you would be able to replicate that photo.

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